cover image For Never and Always

For Never and Always

Helena Greer. Forever, $16.99 trade paper (368p) ISBN 978-1-5387-0655-8

Greer returns to the Jewish-owned Adirondack inn and Christmas tree farm Carrigan’s All Year (after Season of Love) for a moving lifelong love story complete with a satisfying dose of personal growth for both protagonists. Hannah Rosenstein’s shenanigans-filled childhood best friendship with demisexual Levi Matthews, whose parents lived and worked at her aunt Cass’s inn, pivoted to romance when they were young adults. Their relationship exploded when Levi, who always longed to travel the world and follow his dreams of becoming a professional chef, did just that, while Hannah’s lingering trauma from her parents’ itinerant lifestyle left her unwilling to leave. When Cass dies, she leaves the inn to both Hannah and Levi, now in their late 30s, and Levi returns to take over the kitchen—and win Hannah back. Greer braids the two timelines and alternates between her protagonists’ perspectives, carefully placing neither of them in the wrong. Meanwhile, their collaboration on managing a VIP wedding at the inn highlights how good they are together even in a nonromantic context. Greer manages a surprising amount of emotional depth while still highlighting the joy of big events and magical locations. Readers, like the charming supporting characters surrounding Hannah and Levi, will be rooting for this well-matched pair. Agent: Rebecca Podos, Rees Literary. (Nov.)