cover image Wow Cat’s Adventures with Adjectives

Wow Cat’s Adventures with Adjectives

Allison Sutter, illus. by Darya Shchegoleva. CreateSpace, $7.99 (53p) ISBN 978-1-540358-31-8

From “Adorable” to “Zany,” Wow Cat offers a vocabulary of adjectives—including a definition and an example sentence for each—to describe his, and others’, adventures around the world. Taken together, the adjectives suggest that Wow Cat is one exceedingly well-rounded protagonist, one who has spoken at the White House (“Eloquent”), attended dental school (“Knowledgeable”), and thrown a fabulous party after winning an Oscar (“Lavish”). Though the narrative is disjointed, skipping from place to place and featuring a variety of other characters in disconnected, one-off spreads (“Brawny Olympic champion Lionel Lionheart,” for example), Sutter’s text serves best as an abecedarian index of elevated descriptors. Shchegoleva’s artwork, meanwhile, has a luminous quality reminiscent of animation, with rich colors and varying lighting gradients. A globe-trotting etymological tool for young linguaphiles. Ages 4–8. (BookLife)