cover image The Conjurer

The Conjurer

Luanne G. Smith. 47North, $15.95 trade paper (260p) ISBN 978-1-5420-1960-6

Smith smoothly wraps up her Vine Witch series with this spellbinding standalone fantasy. Sidra, a jinni, is hiding out in fairy land with Yvette Lenoir, the fairy heroine of The Glamourist, from her enemy, the evil jinni Jamra, who blames Sidra for the death of his brother. But Sidra’s chance at evading Jamra is shot when the fairy king Oberon discovers her presence in the Fée lands and refuses to offer her sanctuary, exiling her to a remote French village in the mortal realm. Meanwhile, in the vineyards of the Chanceaux Valley, Jamra abducts vine witch Elena Boureanu, hoping she’ll guide him to Sidra and Yvette. But Elena manages to escape and joins forces with her friends. The three must put their scant combined magic to the test to stop Jamra and his demonic allies from obtaining a powerful relic and using it to bring humanity to heel. Though some late plot twists are predictable, Smith capably pulls double duty by crafting a satisfying end to the trilogy while also spinning a story that serves as a gripping fantasy in its own right. Series readers and newcomers alike will be enthralled. Agent: Marlene Stringer, Stringer Literary. (Jan.)