cover image The Ostermann House

The Ostermann House

John Klein. CreateSpace, $13.95 trade paper (367p) ISBN 978-1-544815-05-3

Professors Michael and Audrey Felton, the couple at the center of this suspenseful horror thriller from Klein (Frankie Jones), are both burnt-out from their jobs at Houston’s Montclair University and decide to look for a country home. After three months of searching, Michael and Audrey end up buying an old farmhouse outside the small community of Krivac, despite the suspiciously low asking price. Once they move in, Michael has a vision of a bloodied version of a neighbor and hears a voice warning him, “This is the Ostermann house. It belongs to Ostermann. You could have left it the way it was, but you didn’t. Now it’s yours.” The Feltons gradually learn the story of their new home, which includes glowing lights on the property and late-night gatherings of dozens of people. Evidence gradually accumulates to suggest that certain visitors to the house have a rather unique origin. The action builds to a dramatic and surprising resolution. [em](BookLife) [/em]