Remember, Remember: A Lucy James/Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Anna Elliott, with Charles Veley. CreateSpace, $12.80 trade paper (356p) ISBN 978-1-5450-4916-7
Elliott (the Twilight of Avon trilogy) and Veley, her father, collaborate on the winning third mystery pairing Sherlock Holmes and his daughter, Lucy James (after 2016’s The Wilhelm Conspiracy). A woman, whom most readers will quickly realize is Lucy, regains consciousness near the British Museum after being roused by a handsome police constable, John Kelly, who believes her to be a vagrant. To her alarm, she realizes her memory is impaired; she doesn’t even know her own name. She does have visions of blood and of holding a revolver, but her belief that she may have shot someone is rebutted by the officer, who notes the absence of powder burns on her palms. And despite her amnesia, Lucy is able to make some accurate deductions about the constable. Her path to regaining her memories is filled with peril, though she does have the pleasure of renewing her acquaintance with John before finding herself in the midst of another high-stakes investigation. Readers will look forward to Lucy’s further adventures. (BookLife)
Reviewed on: 07/10/2017
Genre: Fiction
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