cover image Where’s My Easter Basket?

Where’s My Easter Basket?

Bob Holt. WorthyKids, $7.99 (20p) ISBN 978-1-5460-1264-1

Searching for an Easter basket, a wide-eyed blue chick meets up with a bevy of friends in Holt’s dialogue-driven board book. Unclear about what the holiday mainstay looks like, the clueless youth questions four colorful candies: “Are any of you an Easter basket?” The candies reply with a cheerful “we’re chewy, juicy, sweet jelly beans!”—before offering to join the search party, which later sees the addition of a chocolate bunny and a colorful dyed egg. Via candy-colored, video game–like digital graphics, the brief journey sees the chick and friends flying, walking, and zooming across spring-tinged scenes until the joyful group encounters a new companion whose help results in a bubbly conclusion—and the hoped-for holiday hold-all. Ages 1–4. (Jan.)