A Paddling of Ducks: Animals in Groups from A to Z

Marjorie Blain Parker, Author, Joseph Kelly, Illustrator , illus. by Joseph Kelly. Kids Can $16.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-55337-682-8

This ABC book provides a delightfully offbeat introduction to collective nouns, featuring groups of animals at a Riviera-like resort locale with palm trees and a seaside Ferris wheel. An “army of Ants” closes in on an anteater's doughnuts (he's too busy with his laptop and coffee to notice), while a “bloat of Hippos” work out on exercise bikes. Even better than learning some of the unusual ways to refer to multiple animals is the way Kelly's soft-focus oil and acrylic paintings riff on the terms themselves. Thus, a “gang of Elk” and “skulk of Foxes” look appropriately rowdy, and a “labor of Moles” in hardhats are seen doing excavation work. The anthropomorphic animals feel anatomically authentic, but with exaggerated joie de vivre to spare. Ages 4–7. (Mar.)

Reviewed on: 03/08/2010
Release date: 03/01/2010
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