Midnight Rider

Colleen Shannon, Author Diamond Books (NY) $4.5 (0p) ISBN 978-1-55773-265-1
Shannon's ( The Hawk's Lady ) garrulousness cripples the pace of this romance set in pre-annexation California of the 1830s, copious explanations of every thought, word and deed interrupting the forward movement of even the most dramatic encounters here. Magdalena, a ranchero's granddaughter wrongly accused of murder, and Clint, an American reluctantly persuaded to spy on the Californios on behalf of the pro-annexation movement, fall in love, generating a chemistry that is Shannon's most incendiary to date. Magdalena is especially captivating, more than a match for the assorted desperadoes she captains in her eventual disguise as the bandit leader El Halcon during a quest to regain her inherited lands and clear her name. Clint, with his fiery masculinity and deep respect for Magdalena's daring and her unconventional talents as a warrior, suits the heroine exquisitely. A final confrontation, between Magdalena and her evil cousin, is histrionic but satisfying. (Oct.)
Reviewed on: 10/01/1989
Release date: 10/01/1989
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