cover image Stripes of All Types

Stripes of All Types

Susan Stockdale. Peachtree, $15.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-56145-695-6

Stockdale pairs precise acrylic illustrations with equally tidy verse to depict 19 striped animals. %E2%80%9CStripes found in water,/ sliding through weeds./ Drinking from rivers,/ and darting through reeds,%E2%80%9D she writes, as the accompanying images show purple-striped jellyfish, an eastern garter snake, ring-tailed lemurs, and an American bittern. Elsewhere, a horizontally striped surgeonfish is seen %E2%80%9Cscouting a reef%E2%80%9D amid speckled coral, and a poison frog in shocking orange, yellow, and red stripes is %E2%80%9Cpropped on a log.%E2%80%9D Closer to home, two children cuddle with striped cats. Appended pages discuss the ways stripes benefit each creature and also provide a guessing game for readers to match stripes with their respective animals. Ages 2%E2%80%936. Agent: Gina Maccoby, Gina Maccoby Literary Agency. (Apr.)