cover image Crepes, Waffles & Pancakes!

Crepes, Waffles & Pancakes!

Kathryn Hawkins, . . Good Books, $15.95 (176pp) ISBN 978-1-56148-520-8

Most readers won't need to be convinced that sweet crepes, waffles and pancakes are delicious for breakfast or dessert, but this collection of recipes also makes a compelling argument for savory versions of these batter-based delights. The book begins with a brief history of pancakes around the world, and continues with an overview of the basics (add extra eggs and melted butter to pancake batter to make crepes, and a rising agent to make waffles), including variations on the main ingredients—flour, a liquid (usually milk), eggs—and how readers can change the taste by varying the type of flour (e.g., buckwheat, chickpea, gluten–free, etc.). Divided into breakfast, main meals (which encompass lunches and dinners), desserts, snacks and accompaniments, the recipes range from hearty (Breakfast Waffle Sandwich) to sweet (Oatmeal Pancakes with Raspberries) and salty sweet (Deep-Pan Bacon and Apple Pancakes). Hawkins, a cookbook author from Scotland, also offers such unusual fare as Chicken and Mushroom Pancake "Pasta" (where the pancakes, which are made from buckwheat batter, are sliced into thin strips). Color photos. (May)