cover image Dinosaur Worlds: New Dinosaurs, New Discoveries

Dinosaur Worlds: New Dinosaurs, New Discoveries

Don Lessem. Boyds Mills Press, $19.95 (192pp) ISBN 978-1-56397-597-4

bigger, but not nicer Don Lessem, also known as ""Dino Don,"" tells the story of the dinosaur's rise and fall in Dinosaur Worlds. This compendium of up-to-date information describes the habitats and feeding habits of countless kinds of dinosaurs. Each chapter focuses on a different location; ""Fact File"" sidebars provide further information about each site. The book announces the largest dinosaur to be the Argentinosaurus, not the Ultrasaurus (or the Brontosaurus, for those who are really behind the times); the largest meat-eater was the Giganotosaurus, not Tyrannosaurus rex.