cover image This Young Girl Passing

This Young Girl Passing

Donald Breckenridge. Unbearable Books (, $10.95 trade paper (114p) ISBN 978-1-57027-234-9

Depicting an illicit relationship that begins in Sauquoit, NY in the 70s and the ensuing three decades worth of unspoken tension, Breckenridge (You Are Here) masterfully develops a world of dangerous love and its damning aftermath. With brevity, Breckenridge jumps back and forth between the beginning of a sexual relationship between Sarah and her high school French teacher Bill, and the affair they re-establish 30 years later. Through this painful, life-changing teacher-student affair, Breckenridge shows that the destruction to a confused young girl's psyche may appear non-existent, but the damage is simply hidden deep within. The conversations that rattle off with ease and the detailed scenes of sexual interludes coalesce to reveal an emotionally tangled group of lost souls looking for direction. Breckenridge has composed the Lolita of our time, a troubling account of forbidden love and its magnetism no matter the consequences. (Nov.)