Outlaws: A Novel of Suspense

Tim Green, Author Turner Publications Inc $22.95 (371p) ISBN 978-1-57036-198-2
A football star on trial in a sensational murder case; a female attorney distracted by a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband; bloody evidence, sex and violence--the similarities between the plot of this third novel from former Atlanta Falcon defensive end Green (Titans), who's now an NFL color analyst for Fox-TV, and a certain ongoing trial in L.A. seem made in publishing heaven. The trouble is, there's almost too much going on here. Cody Grey, defensive standout for the Texas Outlaws, is nearing the end of his career and ruining his body and psyche with painkillers in a desperate effort to hang on to his playing days as well as to his lovely but unfaithful wife, Jenny. Meanwhile, Jenny's new lover, the cold-blooded rogue CIA agent Striker, is selling nuclear-grade plutonium to shadowy Middle East figures--and he's using Jenny as his willing accomplice. Her involvement with Striker eventually leads to Cody being accused of murdering a mean-spirited IRS agent, and to his being defended in a grand courtroom drama by the brilliant Madison McCall. Green is a solid storyteller. His depiction of NFL football, Texas style, will remind readers of Peter Gent's early novels; despite a penchant for telegraphing, he manages to tie his myriad plot threads into a neat bundle by novel's end. While too busy, this is an enjoyable read, tailor-made for those who can't get enough of allegedly homicidal sports figures and their sensational lives. (Sept.)
Reviewed on: 03/04/1996
Release date: 03/01/1996
Genre: Fiction
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