cover image The Date Rape Prevention Book: The Essential Guide for Girls and Women

The Date Rape Prevention Book: The Essential Guide for Girls and Women

Scott Lindquist. Sourcebooks, $14.95 (209pp) ISBN 978-1-57071-474-0

A crime specialist who frequently gives rape prevention seminars, Lindquist writes in a streetwise voice that will be familiar to those who watch police programs on television, yet that does not mask the genuine sensitivity and sympathy he feels for women who are the victims of rape or attempted rape. Written for men and women of all ages, his book is formatted simply, with easy-to-follow chapters outlining prevention strategies and survival techniques. His advice mixes common sense (follow your instincts) and a degree of caution that can border on paranoia (anybody could be a rapist; trust no one; pour your own drinks--even if you are having soda--and never finish a drink you have left unattended). Still, the book succeeds in three areas. First, it dispels myths about rapists, pointing out that the vast majority are white, middle-class males who attack women they know, often without recognizing that they are committing rape. It also reiterates that nonconsensual sex, even between acquaintances, is a crime that can and--if the survivor is emotionally able to do so--should be prosecuted. Finally, it does not excuse rape by blaming the victim. Detailed sections identifying behaviors that may suggest a man may be dangerous, as well as delicate recommendations on how to treat a survivor and a chapter aimed at men that calls for an end to violence, are particularly helpful. (Apr.)