cover image Whose Poop Is That?

Whose Poop Is That?

Darrin Lunde, illus. by Kelsey Oseid. Charlesbridge, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-57091-798-1

Guess the poop! Repeating the question of the title, Lunde and Oseid ask readers to identify six kinds of animal scat (plus an owl pellet), providing images of the droppings, animal tracks, and brief descriptions as clues. “Whose poop is that? It has a bunch of splinters in it,” Lunde asks, opposite what looks like a pile of pickles. The answer: a panda. “A panda eats mostly bamboo,” he continues. “A panda has to spend most of its day eating in order to get enough energy.” In unflashy, mixed-media artwork, Oseid highlights animals that include a red fox, African elephant, Galápagos tortoise, and gull, as well as their environments. Gross-out details will provoke glee (“A rabbit sometimes eats its poop in order to digest its food twice”) but kids will learn plenty about the variety and importance of animal waste, too. Ages 3–7. (Jan.)