MUDDY TRACKS: Expeditions into an Unsuspected Reality

Frank DeMarco, Author MUDDY TRACKS: Expeditions into an Unsuspected Reality

New Age author and publisher DeMarco (who wrote the novel Messenger as a sequel to James Hilton's Lost Horizon) presents an earnest and systematic account of his many years' journey to discover his higher self, so that his readers may do the same. DeMarco's search began in 1970 with two discrete, life-changing experiences. The first was reading Colin Wilson's (who wrote this book's introduction) SF novel The Mind Parasites, which introduced him to the idea that all humans had "unsuspected [i.e., paranormal or psychic] abilities." The second was ingesting mescaline, which convinced him that there is no such thing as coincidence. In other words, the author maintains, he acquired firsthand knowledge that we humans are eternal souls temporarily trapped in physical bodies but ultimately connected to each other and to a larger being whom conventional religions call God and New Age devotees call the Universe. Dismissing what he once thought was his destiny to become a master statesman like JFK, DeMarco devoured all the relevant literature he could get his hands on and explored such alternative practices as remote viewing and past-life regression. His epiphany came in 1992 when he attended the institute founded by his new hero, the late Bob Monroe (Ultimate Journey), a former businessman who, in his late 50s, began having spontaneous out-of-body experiences. Skeptics may as well stay away from this; DeMarco has written for New Age readers and others in search of a reality greater than the one they already know. (Feb.)

Forecast: Niche publishers like Hampton Roads know how to reach their audience and, given De Marco's position as founder and-chief editor of that house, this should sell very well in the New Age market.

Reviewed on: 02/19/2001
Release date: 01/01/2001
Genre: Nonfiction
Paperback - 328 pages - 978-1-57174-362-6
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