cover image The Tahini Table: Go Beyond Hummus with 100 Recipes for Every Meal

The Tahini Table: Go Beyond Hummus with 100 Recipes for Every Meal

Amy Zitelman, with Andrew Schloss. Agate, $29 (336p) ISBN 978-1-57284-289-2

Zitelman, CEO of tahini company Soom Foods, debuts with a jolly cookbook focused on all things tahini. Zitelman explores how this one “superfood” ingredient can reduce saturated fat and add nutritional value to a host of everyday recipes, from salad dressings and chocolate sauce to granola and sheet-pan dinners. She dives deep into the ingredient, expounding on its history, flexibility, and nutritional and flavor profile. She then offers six chapters of recipes, beginning with sauces (tahini pesto, tahini mole sauce), before moving on to highlight hummus recipes (she riffs on the classic chickpea/garlic/lemon basic by including, say, beets or pumpkin). Breakfast options include tahini benedict and tahini doughnuts; sandwiches and sides feature tahini fig toast and cold spicy sesame noodles; among the mains are flatbread with pomegranate and green tahini sauce; and desserts offer tahini flan and creamy dairy-free tahini sorbet. Throughout, the tone is best-friend-shares-her-kitchen-secrets (“Tahini can easily replace sometimes troublesome ingredients such as butter, eggs, and cream in many recipes. What’s not to love?”). With helpful cooking tips (“always zest your lemons”) and a wide range of recipes, this is a cheerful, user-friendly, and never pretentious ode to tahini. (Nov.)