Thea Devine, Author SEDUCTIVEThea Devine

Although most erotic romances do not require much in the way of plot, Devine (Sinful Secrets) delivers a multilayered story that sizzles with sexual energy from start to finish. At the turn of the 20th century, proud Elizabeth purposefully marries elderly William Massey, earl of Shenstone, despite her infatuation with Peter, a Russian aristocrat. The marriage elevates Elizabeth into England's highest social circles, but it isn't until her husband's death that she begins to believe that she may have a future with Peter. Before she can claim Shenstone, her late husband's aggressive nephew, the enigmatic Nicholas Massey, arrives to nab his uncle's title and his land. Nicholas's secret plan is to root out the "Unseen Hand," a ruthless killer who is intent on finding a fortune of stolen Russian jewels, but he is easily distracted by Elizabeth's presence. There's no romance to be had between the two, however, and Nicholas takes advantage of the impoverished widow by proposing that she sleep with him so that she can remain at Shenstone and encourage Peter to propose. Elizabeth swiftly succumbs to Nicholas's brutal advances, but Devine's crude dialogue ("You need no more than this one inch of my penis to pleasure you, my lady ripe and ready") does little to enliven their superficial union. Predictably, the two fall in love, and Nicholas discovers that the mysterious murderer is really one of his own guests. A dark and explicit erotic romance that is unfit for the faint of heart, this feisty bedroom drama will please fans of Susan Johnson and Bertrice Small. (Apr.)

Reviewed on: 04/02/2001
Release date: 04/01/2001
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