cover image Coming Up for Air: Simple Acts to Redefine Your Life

Coming Up for Air: Simple Acts to Redefine Your Life

Margaret Becker, , . NavPress, $13.99 (232pp) ISBN 978-1-57683-934-8

Dove Award–winning recording artist Becker intentionally "disconnected" over 10 years ago and has not been the same since. In 1995, Becker a one-month retreat at an oceanside rental, where her only promise to herself was to stop each day to take in both the sunrise and the sunset. Becker, in her usual self-deprecating comedic style, offers simple daily life observances like holy offerings. Somehow, she manages to offer gentle humor and pull at heartstrings, too. Becker aptly conveys what might be the book's defining statement: "Some things are worth digging for, even if they come up swinging when they are unearthed." During her stay, she played like a child, taking crayons in hand and making life stories and spiritual benchmarks for the next 30 years, projecting, "I will be earthy and a bit eccentric, but I will be wise." Becker defines her retreat's life lessons, then jumps ahead to the present, reflecting without regret on which of those scribblings have come to pass. Women of all ages will feast on Becker's colorful, earthy spiritual recollections and sit back well-satisfied as they take time to digest her musings. (Mar. 15)