cover image Hot and Cold: The Works of Richard Hell

Hot and Cold: The Works of Richard Hell

Richard Hell, Author powerHouse Books $29.95 (256p) ISBN 978-1-57687-082-2

Various and sundry works by Richard Hell (Go Now), the leader of the late '70s No Wave band the Voidoids, are assembled in Hot and Cold: Essays Poems Lyrics Notebooks Pictures Fiction. Largely previously unpublished, and typically irreverent, lewd, sublime, non-sequiturous and anti-establishment these works wrest the strange, funny and disgusting out of most situations. In an early prose poem, Hell describes a bestiality fantasy; in a notebook entry, he describes a meeting with an ailing William Burroughs. Neo-punks and the alternative ""whatever"" crowd will enjoy this beautifully printed document of overlapping sub-cultures. ( Nov.)