cover image Who Did It?

Who Did It?

Ohara Hale. powerHouse/POW! (Random, dist.), $16.95 (50p) ISBN 978-1-57687-681-7

Five 10-page board books devoted to bodily emissions (and, more importantly, who’s responsible for them) comprise this proudly scatological boxed set from Canadian author-artist Hale. The books are a cacophony of sneezes, burps, flatulence, and excretion that feature naïvely scrawled cartoon animals. As in life, the commentary surrounding these actions is just as prominent—it’s a mix of helpful advice (“Use toilet paper to wipe,” suggests a seahorse) and scatological humor (“Oh no! I peed on my toy!” sobs a rabbit). Guaranteed to deliver big laughs, as well as useful information, for families who don’t mind potty humor. Ages 2–5. (June)