The Genius Machine: The 11 Steps That Turn Raw Ideas Into Brilliance

Gerald Sindell, Author New World Library $19.95 (145p) ISBN 978-1-57731-650-3
Making reality out of ""what the world/workplace/spouse needs now"" daydreams into reality doesn't come easy. Intellectual property consultant Sindell, over the past 20 years, has observed and consulted many passionate, successful creative types-authors, business leaders and others-and has managed to chart an eleven-step process to help anyone develop, discover and further capitalize on their intellectual assets-their ideas. His system strives to be fast, complete and strategic. Fortunately, it's also clear and engaging, aiming for a wide audience of independent inventors, corporate marketers and managers of all kinds. Using goal-oriented language, Sindell makes each step a challenge, from Distinction to Testing to Connecting to Advocacy. Heavy on anecdotal evidence and historical genuflection (to visionaries including Charles Goodyear, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein), the text also uses three recurring examples that prove intriguing: designing ""an eco-friendly toaster,"" ""the best way to educate children,"" and ""a way to retain talented people."" Sindell's systematic approach to idea development comes with a healthy side of self-discovery, making this a thorough strategy for creative types wishing to turn an inspired napkin doodle into a plan.
Reviewed on: 03/30/2009
Release date: 04/01/2009
Genre: Nonfiction
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