cover image A Little F'd Up: Why Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word

A Little F'd Up: Why Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word

Julie Zeilinger. Seal, $16 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-1-58005-371-6

Zeilinger, an undergraduate at Barnard College and the creator of, a feminist blog for teens and young adults, consolidates the ideas and goals of her website into this informative (and hilarious) debut. Zeilinger elucidates the importance of feminism for a new generation by offering a comprehensive view of the movement and how it relates to young women today, detailing its history from Ancient Mesopotamia to the digital age, addressing global issues like sex trafficking, eschewing unrealistic beauty standards, and positing that feminism is "Your Secret Weapon for Surviving High School." Her colloquial use of wit and sarcasm in addressing serious gender issues makes the complex world of feminism approachable, though Zeilinger never claims to be path-breaking. The text's ultimate goal is to prove that despite having made great strides in terms of economic, social, and political equality, the feminist cause is still entirely relevant%E2%80%94to women and men. While the book's snarky criticism of sexually conservative politics may be off-putting to some, this is ultimately an empowering and timely treatise, complete with resources for further reading (though neither Mina Loy nor Simone de Beauvoir make an appearance). Zeilinger's honesty and straightforwardness will appeal to the often jaded members of Generation Facebook, encourage newcomers to climb on board, and reenergize those already on the bandwagon. (May 15)