cover image THE SEVENTH DAY


Deborah Cohen, , illus. by Melanie Hall. . Kar-Ben, $16.95 (24pp) ISBN 978-1-58013-125-4

God is likened to a great artist with boundless creative inspiration in this lively version of the creation story. Making her children's book debut, Cohen, a rabbi, describes God's amazing handiwork: "Like a potter, God formed desert canyons and riverbeds.... Like a painter, God colored the leopard's spots, the zebra's stripes and the panda's black-and-white patches." The creation of nature's landscapes, animals and "a boy and girl in our image" require bounteous energy. God, though very tired, continues working day after day, until late in the afternoon on the sixth day when "at last, God was satisfied." On the seventh day, God announces "It is time for Shabbat" and calls all the world he has fashioned to celebrate with song, prayer and a grape juice toast of "L'Chayim—To Life!" Cohen's text expresses a joyous mood of appreciating wonders provided by God and being mindful of giving thanks for such gifts. Hall's (On Hanukkah ) mixed- media compositions swirl with color and energy. Her palette balances purple sunsets, fluffy white clouds and verdant fields and mountains all in a vibrant, appealing rainbow of life. Ages 3-8. (Feb.)