cover image The Book of the Die

The Book of the Die

Luke Rhinehart. Overlook Press, $26.95 (351pp) ISBN 978-1-58567-237-0

The author of the 1960s cult classic The Dice Man has written a self-help companion volume to the underground novel. Luke Rhinehart's The Book of the Die: A Handbook of Dice Living features ancient proverbs, quotations from Asian philosophers, biblical parables and his own Eastern-influenced sketches and aphorisms, all championing a spontaneous, impulsive lifestyle ruled at least in part by chance rather than social rules and expectations. Among the motley, lighthearted offerings is the running story of a mythic character called Whim, who learns to lead a life of the die, as well as suggested dice games for readers that promote spiritual rather than financial growth. (Apr. 29)