cover image Holy People, Holy Land: A Theological Introduction to the Bible

Holy People, Holy Land: A Theological Introduction to the Bible

Michael Dauphinais, Matthew Webb Levering, . . Brazos, $19.99 (266pp) ISBN 978-1-58743-123-4

The authors, associate professors of theology at Ave Maria University in Naples, Fla., present the narrative of the Bible in the context of God's passion for restoring humankind to a state of original holiness. They consider holiness—defined as a condition of balance and innocence before God and his creation—to be the underlying theme of all scripture. As such, it provides a paradigm for God's intervention in human affairs, unifying sacred history as the record of God's reaching out to a world in need of grace. The authors sidestep questions of historicity and authorship, focusing instead on the biblical stories as reflections of God's hand in human affairs. As the title suggests, they chart a pattern of holiness, not just in people, but in the land the people possess. This theme builds until the final chapter, which addresses the restoration of holiness of person and place, a future time when "the people of the new covenant have become the righteous dwelling place of God." Although written for undergraduate theology students and fraught with intimidating-looking footnotes, the material is easily grasped by the average reader and is highly recommended for Catholics and Protestants alike. (Oct.)