cover image The Year of Small Things

The Year of Small Things

Sarah Arthur and Erin F. Wasinger. Baker/Brazos, $17.99 trade paper (240p) ISBN 978-1-58743-382-5

When Arthur (Walking with Frodo), a graduate of Duke Divinity School, and Wasinger connected through their church, both were searching and longing for ways to translate their reading in radical faith practices into a livable daily reality. Fueled by their church’s move from a suburban to an urban setting, their experience with new monastic ideas, and the discovery of another kindred soul, their two families began a year of weekly dinners and a covenant to encourage each other in making small changes in 12 areas over the course of the year. Drawing on the 12 marks of new monasticism, the families, each with young children, felt called to make small but radical changes under the umbrellas of covenantal friendship, hospitality, finances, spiritual habits, possessions, Sabbath, vows, the local church, “kid monasticism,” sustainable living, self-care, and social justice. The book’s power comes from witnessing a slow transformation as Arthur and Wasinger are transparent about their struggles and triumphs over the course of the year. Though the bulk of the book is driven by personal experiences, the authors provide valuable guidelines on intentionally bringing faith into daily life, making it accessible for Christian readers looking to reinvigorate their everyday spiritual practices. (Feb.)