cover image House Beautiful Outdoor Living and Gardens

House Beautiful Outdoor Living and Gardens

Elvin McDonald. Hearst Communications, $21.95 (224pp) ISBN 978-1-58816-042-3

Living Al Fresco With the elegant presentation that characterizes the magazine, House Beautiful Outdoor Living and Gardens, with text by Elvin McDonald, showcases inspiringly idyllic scenes of leisure from the Florida coast to the French countryside. The book now in paperback with a new cover invites the reader into a bucolic meadow in the Adirondacks; a circular garden of peonies, iris and laurel; and numerous other pleasing scenes. Other attractions include courtyard gardens, slate patios, swimming pools, topiary art and porches. The hardcover sold upward of 50,000 copies, and with the clout of the magazine's respected name and monthly circulation of almost one million readers sales of the paperback may be even greater. ( June)