cover image LIFE UNLIMITED: When Average Just Isn't Enough

LIFE UNLIMITED: When Average Just Isn't Enough

John Bolin, Author . Multnomah $12.99 (220p) ISBN 978-1-59052-263-9

For media-savvy readers, author and speaker Bolin utilizes popular culture resources as well as biblical examples to underscore this message about moving beyond mediocrity. Bolin (Confident Parents, Exceptional Teens ) is passionate about living outside the box. As a Christian, he felt called several years ago to break free from his secure career and start living out what he believes are his God-inspired dreams and desires. Basing his book on Luke 2:52 ("And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men"), Bolin describes his personal triumphs and failures in risk-taking. Rather than retreat to the comfortable, he urges Christians to step past their fears and walk ahead confidently, trusting God to supply whatever needs may arise on the journey. In this five-part primer, Bolin exhorts readers to discern their life purpose, understand their foes, embrace a strategy for success, have realistic expectations and develop self-control. In a conversational tone, he cheers fellow believers to follow suit in the same way evangelical author John Eldredge spurs his readers to embrace the divine romance between the created and the creator. In fact, Bolin draws on many of the same films Eldredge uses to prove similar points: using epic life messages from Braveheart , Gladiator , The Patriot and The Lord of the Rings as frequent spiritual markers, Bolin appeals to the heart in his quest for courageous, faith-fueled living. Despite Bolin's obvious passion for visionary Christian living, the message is too well-worn; most readers will have heard it one too many times. (Nov.)