Unplugged: How to Disconnect from the Rat Race, Have an Existential Crisis, and Find Meaning and Fulfillment

Nancy Whitney-Reiter, Author . Sentient $16.95 (182p) ISBN 978-1-59181-070-4

In the 1960s, “dropping out” required nothing more than turning on, tuning in and perhaps a copy of Carlos Castaneda’s The Teachings of Don Juan . In its modern incarnation, “unplugging” from routine requires more preparation and purpose, and is not necessarily meant to be permanent. Whitney-Reitner advises disengaging from the rat race responsibly and with a safety net, and in this earnest self-help guide, she addresses its every facet—from dealing with mail, pets and mortgage payments when away to finding the perfect life coach and taking time off from work for a “corporate sabbatical.” Whitney-Reitner believes unplugged time is well spent being constructive—no lounging around hippie communes for Generation Xers—and she advocates volunteering, building houses and working with children and includes inspiring testimonials from successful unpluggers. Notably absent in this book are the practical considerations—the dangers of leaving a job during a recession, for example—and accounts of unsuccessful unplugging. The resource guide, however, is undeniably useful, as are the author’s suggestions for the less adventurous to unplug without leaving their armchairs and enjoy and be grateful for the life they do have. (June)

Reviewed on: 03/31/2008
Release date: 05/01/2008
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