cover image Small Message, Big Impact—
The Elevator Speech Effect

Small Message, Big Impact— The Elevator Speech Effect

Terri Sjodin. Penguin/Portfolio, $24.95 (240p) ISBN 978-1-59184-548-5

In this age of 140 word tweets and five-minute dinners, the ability to put forth a message, make a proposal, or give an on-the-fly three-minute presentation is a required skill. In this wonderfully concise book, communications expert and consultant Sjodin (coauthor of New Sales Speak) provides a blueprint to create and deliver “Elevator Speeches.” After explaining this concept, she guides readers toward developing their intentions and crafting the speech itself, based on Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (itself based on the work of Alan H. Monroe, who was a Purdue professor in the 1930s). In addition to a section on networking, there are worksheets and examples throughout, with a collection of additional worksheets at the end of the book and a URL where these can be downloaded. The concepts and the chapters flow smoothly, the ideas are constantly reviewed and developed, and the book is brought to a strong conclusion (followed with a chapter on FAQs and other odds and ends). As she makes clear, an Elevator Speech is not meant as a complete presentation but rather to initiate a “Butterfly Effect”—to “intrigue and inspire a listener to want to hear more.” To that end, Sjodin succeeds in giving readers the necessary tools. Agent: Margret McBride, Margret McBride Literary Agency. (Sept.)