cover image Dj Vu

Dj Vu

Suzetta Perkins, . . Atria/Strebor, $15 (365pp) ISBN 978-1-59309-259-7

In this follow-up to Behind the Veil , Perkins continues the sordid, suspenseful tale of heroine Angelica Barnes. Five years after we last saw her, Angelica has just been released from prison, her reward for getting mixed up in ex-boyfriend Robert Santiago's illegal activities. Angelica returns to Fayetteville, N.C., but desperate for a change, moves to New York to stay with a distant cousin-in-law; before long, however, she runs into Santiago and finds not only that she can't escape her past, but that she's drawn her loved ones into a dangerous situation. An enjoyable, sexy thriller, this sequel doesn't require familiarity with the first volume to follow or enjoy, but readers who know what they're in for will be more likely to forgive awkward pacing and dialogue, some mismatched motivation and sketchy characters. (Aug.)