The Legacy

Diane Amos, Author . Five Star $25.95 (301p) ISBN 978-1-59414-815-6

Readers who can overlook some cartoonish Old West stereotypes and lackluster prose will enjoy this historical romance from Amos (Outlaw Heart ). In 1887, Jeremiah T. Dalton, a Boston businessman, arrives in Lowdown, Tex., just in time to say farewell to his dying, estranged father, Noah—and infuriate Noah's fiery young foreman, Abigail “Abby” Wilcox. In order for Jeremiah to receive his inheritance, he must live at Dalton Ranch for six months and learn all aspects of ranching from Abby. If he can't hack it, Abby and various others stand to inherit instead. Jeremiah yearns to return home to Evelyn DuBlois, his high society fiancée, but he's also immediately attracted to plucky Abby. Evelyn's unexpected arrival creates problems, as do a series of murder attempts that strain credulity (by pitchfork, poison and gunshot). While some might wish for more background about Abby, all will root for the unlikely couple—and appreciate the surprise twist regarding the villain's identity. (Nov.)