cover image The Tikitis

The Tikitis

Jerry Frissen and Fabien M, Humanoids,( $29.95 (144p) ISBN 978-1-59465-105-2

It’s axiomatic that superheroes (or even heroes not-so-super) get annoyed when they don’t have any forces of evil to defend against. So it is at the start of this loony and somewhat underbaked collection, where a group of masked avengers have relocated from East L.A. to the island paradise of Luau-Luau and find themselves intensely bored. Fortunately for the guys (who grimace and growl behind their trademark Lucha Libre–style wrestling masks), and unfortunately for the island paradise, trouble comes their way in the form of teeming zombies, mythological monsters, and a crazed billionaire who thinks he’s Zeus. Other problems arise when one of the guys confesses a serial problem with seducing women on the island. The art is lush and beautifully rendered, while the action is sharply paced. Unfortunately, writer Frissen and artist M. are strictly juvenile when it comes to their one-note character development. (Dec.)