cover image The Swords of Glass

The Swords of Glass

Sylviane Corgiat and Laura Zuccheri, trans from the French by Quinn and Katia Donoghue. Humanoids Inc., $39.95 (204p) ISBN 978-1-59465-109-0

Writer Corgiat (Elias the Cursed) and artist Zuccheri (Julia) create a fantasy world as whimsical as it is menacing in this imaginative epic. Yama, the bloodthirsty heroine, is only a young child when the story begins, but she dreams of taking revenge on the man who tore apart her family. A chance to do so appears in the form of a sword that transforms any foe into glass with the slightest scrape. Yama’s destiny, however, lies far beyond vengeance: her sword is the key to escaping her rapidly dying planet. Zuccheri’s visuals are the book’s strongest point, especially her lush depictions of the natural world—the frequent forest scenes are breathtaking. She also shines as a character designer: each soldier, merchant, fishwife, and warrior radiates personality, and it’s delightfully easy to get lost in Yama’s brightly colored world. Despite these strengths, however, the book is hampered by dialogue that leaves everyone saying exactly what they mean. Though this isn’t a fatal flaw, it is often awkward, especially in moments of heightened emotion. Overall, a solid adventure for readers of any age. (Mar.)