cover image The Great Bazaar and Other Stories

The Great Bazaar and Other Stories

Peter V. Brett, . . Subterranean, $20 (101pp) ISBN 978-1-59606-289-4

Technically a short story collection, this slender volume is better understood as the DVD extras to Brett’s 2009 debut novel, The Warded Man . The universe’s conceit—demon corelings rise from the land each night, keeping the populace trapped indoors—is explained in the title story, a fully realized tale that challenges belief when the main character takes a foolish risk for no obvious reason, and “Arlen,” a scene deleted from the novel, which offers a charming snippet of childhood foreshadowing but no plot. While the setting is less relevant to “Brianne Beaten,” those who haven’t read The Warded Man may be perplexed by the tale of a healer’s solution to an ethical dilemma. A glossary and grimoire round out the offerings, which should help hold fans until The Desert Spear comes out in April. (Jan.)