cover image DJSturbia


David J. Schow. Subterranean (, $40 (320p) ISBN 978-1-59606-772-1

The mind of Schow (The Shaft), a multitalented author, screenwriter, and editor, must be a very dark and twisted place where horror sprouts, mutates, and thrives. This excellently chilling compilation of 13 short stories and 12 personal reminiscences covers the entire horror genre. Tiny things grow out of control in “The Finger”; a true devotee creates Godzilla fan fiction in “Two Scoops.” The chills aren’t limited to the fiction: Schow’s recollections of his experiences as a screenwriter on the set of The Crow—a film now infamous for a tragic on-set event that led to industry-wide changes in the use of prop weaponry—are just as eerie as his tales of supernatural horror. In “We Have Always Fought Giant Monsters,” Schow dons his film historian hat and gives an authoritative timeline of international movie monsters from the 1950s onward. Great writing, boundless creativity, and remarkable career recollections make this a truly wonderful compilation. (Apr.)