cover image Earth Thirst

Earth Thirst

Mark Teppo. Night Shade (, $14.99 trade paper (320p) ISBN 978-1-59780-445-5

Prime Earth activist Silas is betrayed in a disastrous, deadly fire aboard a whaling protest ship and exiled from the Grove, a hive mind of the vampire-like Arcadians. These guardians of Earth head-scratchingly subsist on a mixed diet of blood and organic foods, including chia and wheatgrass juice. When Silas realizes the fire was planned by a multinational corporation in order to test an anti-Arcadian weapon, he visits the vampire spa on Easter Island to seek answers, only to discover that the conspiracy has unexpected origins. The story is light on characterization and logic and heavy on melodrama and scenery chewing, and it most palpably lacks the self-awareness that would elevate it to the level of satire. But if there are ecowarriors eager for an Earth-friendly vampire novel, this action-packed conspiracy thriller proclaiming the evils of genetic engineering will suit them just fine. (Jan.)