cover image The Labrador Pact

The Labrador Pact

Matt Haig, , read by Simon Jones. . HighBridge Audio, $29.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-59887-102-9

Award-winning narrator Simon Jones does not rest on his hind legs, as Prince, the black Lab who narrates this novel, might put it. Prince has a lot to say, and though Jones is generally even-toned and thoughtful, he can make Prince sound confused, excited, panicky, sad and remorseful. In addition to Prince, Jones takes on a large cast of humans, canines and one feline. Falstaff, a springer mix, is so hyper that Jones makes listeners imagine the mutt bouncing up and down. Prince's master, Adam, comes across as a shaky voice of reason who attempts to cover up his insecurities and desires. Emily, an aroma therapist and Adam's illicit love interest, sounds girlish and a bit dizzy. The novel is more kibble than meat; however, Jones's brilliant performance will have listeners howling with glee and begging for more. Simultaneous release with the Viking hardcover (Reviews, Nov. 19, 2007). (Feb.)