Catholic and Evangelical: Discovering Unity

Mike Timmis, Author, Harold Fickett, With, Chuck Colson, Foreword by with Harold Fickett. NavPress $14.99 (255p) ISBN 978-1-60006-248-3

This personal account provides support for the old adage that money really can’t buy love. Timmis, a successful Detroit-area lawyer and businessman, rose through the ranks of his firm early in his professional life and had accomplished his primary career goals by age 42. But while he was achieving accolades in the corporate world, his spiritual life and home situation were collapsing. After hearing a moving testimony from a corporate executive at a dinner party, Timmis was impelled to turn his life over to God in a complete and new way. He now directs much more effort into his marriage, family life and acts of charity, and he finds a support network to help keep him spiritually focused. His story is often moving and at times painfully honest, but the book’s title is misleading. This is not a book on interfaith dialogue but a memoir, and it only flirts with the tension between Timmis’s Catholic upbringing and the evangelical Christianity he now embraces. Furthermore, while Timmis often adopts a humble tone regarding his faith, he occasionally slips into judgmental prose. The author’s reflections would have been stronger without these diversions, but his narrative should inspire many to re-evaluate their spiritual lives and consider more healthy priorities. (Jan.)

Reviewed on: 11/12/2007
Release date: 11/01/2007
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