cover image Calamity at the Continental Club: A Washington Whodunit

Calamity at the Continental Club: A Washington Whodunit

Colleen J. Shogan. Camel, $15.95 ISBN 978-1-60381-335-8

At the start of Shogan’s diverting third Washington, D.C., mystery (after 2016’s Homicide in the House), congressional aide Kit Marshall and her fiancé, history professor Doug Hollingsworth, join Doug’s socially prominent parents, Buffy and Winston, at the annual meeting of the Mayflower Society held at the exclusive Continental Club, after which nearly all the attendees, including Kit and Doug, spend the night. Early the next morning, Kit discovers Grayson Bancroft, the Mayflower Society’s president, lying dead on the floor of the club library. Grayson has been poisoned, and the police quickly determine that the killer must be someone at the club. Doug normally disapproves of Kit’s amateur sleuthing, but when Winston becomes a suspect, he has no objection to Kit seeking to prove his father’s innocence by finding the real killer. Interesting and informative trips to such historical sites as Mount Vernon, the National Archives, and the Smithsonian add spice to this appealing whodunit. Agent: Dawn Dowdle, Blue Ridge Literary. (July)