cover image Starseeds


Charles Glaubitz. Fantagraphics, $29.99 (240p) ISBN 978-1-60699-989-9

This clever mash-up of science, fantasy, conspiracy, and religion has all four elements colliding off of each other even as they meld together into something that is either beyond comprehension or that is physically manifested by this volume. Mexican multimedia artist Glaubitz manages to have it both ways in an effort to capture all levels of consciousness and dimensional existence at once while also providing some absurdist kinetic action. Following one member of the Illuminati through a mundane workday and into the further realms of fantastic and endless cosmic battles, the slim story evokes the essence of some of Jack Kirby’s stranger works. In portraying the Illuminati and its place in the universal order, this book is akin to accidentally stumbling into a secret cult meeting and being provided with no context for what you just discovered. This should be considered the official tome of the post-truth era, because it traverses realities and suggests that all truths are concurrent and that your own truth defines the universe—or something equally mind-bending and impossible to understand. (Feb.)