cover image Hell Yeah, Vol. 1: Last Days on Earth

Hell Yeah, Vol. 1: Last Days on Earth

Joe Keatinge and Andre Szymanowicz. Image, $9.99 trade paper (128p) ISBN 978-1-60706-607-1

With an amusing introduction by Michael Allred, this collection tells the story of Benjamin Day, part of a generation of young people who are the first to be raised in a world where superheroes exist. Day would like nothing more than to forget his past, but his repeated scrapes with the locals are a way to express his frustration that he can’t forget his past. However, Day doesn’t just exist in the here and now. He exists here, there, and everywhere simultaneously—in a host of different dimensions. This wouldn’t normally be a problem except that now a bunch of his other selves are being systematically eliminated. If Day wants to figure things out, he’s going to have to involve himself in the world of superheroes he has thus far wanted nothing to do with. Hell Yeah is the kind of story that readers think they’ve read before, but haven’t, and the kind of artwork—crisply violent yet expressive—they could easily take for granted, but shouldn’t. (Oct.)