cover image Rare Flavours

Rare Flavours

Ram V and Filipe Andrade. Boom! Studios, $16.99 trade paper (160p) ISBN 978-1-60886-153-8

The creative team behind The Many Deaths of Laila Starr serves up a tempting blend of supernatural horror and foodie fantasy that doubles as a love letter to India. Mohan, a down-on-his-luck filmmaker, is hired by Rubin Baksh, an elegant gourmand of Nero Wolfe proportions, to collaborate on a documentary about South Asian food. Together they set off across India, filming busy outdoor markets, sun-drenched deserts, and palm-shaded beaches as they sample the tastes of each locale. What Mohan doesn’t know is that Rubin is an ancient demon who enjoys human flesh along with daal, roasted goat, and masala chai. Rubin sees himself as an appreciator of “people and flavours” and asks, “Of what value is a world that cannot allow its artists some misbehavior?” Meanwhile, two ruthless demon hunters tail the duo across the country. Andrade’s vibrant, Moebius-influenced art, drenched in rich, daring colors, lends equal vitality to the mouthwatering food, the stunning locations, and the moments of blood-soaked horror. Rubin, presiding over the adventure in voluminous white suits and tiny sunglasses to conceal his demonic eyes, cuts an unforgettable figure. Peppered with myths, culinary history, and recipes, this is a terrifying trip to savor. (Aug.)