cover image The Interactive Art Book

The Interactive Art Book

Ron Van der Meer and Frank Whitford. Insight Editions/Insight Kids, $27.99 (14p) ISBN 978-1-60887-183-4

Paper engineer Van der Meer and author Whitford team up for an investigation of art that features pop-ups, flaps, transparencies, and other elements. The spreads focus on methods of creation, light and color, movement, pattern, storytelling, and subject matter, with 60 reproductions included. Among Van der Meer’s pop-ups are 3D extrapolations of two paintings, which let children explore perspective and contemplate Velasquez’s intentions in painting Las Meninas. Transparencies help decode composition, and Calder-style mobile pieces and a paper phenakistoscope that creates the illusion of movement encourage children to approach art with their hands as much as their minds. Ages 6–up. (Mar.)