cover image Who Is Sleeping? Who Is Awake?

Who Is Sleeping? Who Is Awake?

Harriet Ziefert, illus. by SAMi, Blue Apple (Chronicle, dist.), $9.99 (20p) ISBN 978-1-60905-019-1

A companion to Furry Friends, this addition to the Flip-aFace series explores the daytime and nighttime habits of various animals. Some sleep during the day, others at night—a distinction that readers can explore by flipping die-cut pages that alternately show their eyes as open or closed. An owl's yellow eyes are wide open at night (" 'Hoot!' goes Owl, awake in the night./ Flap go his wings in the silver moonlight"), while an opossum (and her babies) are seen sleeping on the following page. The bright, digital graphics provide a cheery accompaniment to this introduction to nocturnal and diurnal animals. Ages 1–4. (Apr.)