cover image Latin@ Rising: An Anthology of Latin@ Science Fiction & Fantasy

Latin@ Rising: An Anthology of Latin@ Science Fiction & Fantasy

Edited by Matthew David Goodwin. Wings, $16.95 trade paper (272p) ISBN 978-1-60940-524-3

Authors of Latino descent mix literary elements with science fiction and fantasy in this eloquent anthology of intimate pieces, with the speculative elements often serving as background, support, or mirror. Kathleen Alcalá’s “The Road to Nyer” captures a moment in a Catalan castle when history inexplicably intrudes on the present. In “Sin Embargo,” Sabrina Vourvoulias plays with translation and transformation in interesting ways while shining a light on the massacres that have punctuated Guatemala’s history. In “Traditions,” Marcos S. Gonsalez uses an automaton to reflect on the importance of tradition in a future N.Y.C. Mexican-American household; Alex Hernandez uses hive-mind technology for a similar purpose in “Caridad.” In Carlos Hernandez’s “Entanglements,” a man uses advanced multiverse-viewing technology to save the marriage of his lover and her husband. There is a feeling of melancholy to many of these pieces, and others, such as “Monstro” by Junot Díaz and “The Drain” by Alejandra Sanchez, can best be described as horror. Urban fantasy readers will particularly enjoy “Red Feather and Bone” by Daniel José Older, a tie-in to his Bone Street Rumba series. Most of the Spanish words and phrases are translated into English or easily understood from context, but some facility with Spanish will enhance the reader’s appreciation of this solid anthology. (Feb.)