cover image The Unfinished Revolution: Voices from the Global Fight for Women's Rights

The Unfinished Revolution: Voices from the Global Fight for Women's Rights

Edited by Minky Worden. Seven Stories, $23.95 trade paper (240p) ISBN 978-1-60980-387-2

This compilation of commissioned essays, anecdotes, and photos presents a powerful overview of contemporary women's issues%E2%80%94from the unsettlingly enormous backlogs of untested rape kits in Los Angeles, to genital mutilation and child marriage in Kurdistan and Afghanistan%E2%80%94and the ongoing fight for women's rights around the world. Encompassing the voices of Nobel laureates (e.g., Tawakkyl Karmen and Jody Williams), a Somali gynecologist, domestic workers, an Egyptian social media activist, and many more, this invaluable tome provides an introduction to women's rights as human rights, tracks some of the movement's successes, reveals many lingering problems, explores "The Next Frontier," and offers suggestions for further reading. While women have come a long way in the past century%E2%80%94especially in the U.S.%E2%80%94Worden (Media Director of Human Rights Watch) and myriad contributors (men among them) show that women must unite as a whole in order to effectuate lasting, global change. Gara LaMarche%E2%80%94former vice president of the Open Society Foundations%E2%80%94maintains that "there can be no social or economic justice, or human rights progress around the world, that does not have women and girls at the core." While sociologically and academically relevant, this is a cohesive and eminently readable document that is simultaneously an inspiration and a call-to-action. Photos. (Mar.)