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Mel Bosworth. Folded Word (Ingram, dist.), $14 trade paper (211p) ISBN 978-1-61019-101-2

In his subtle and delightful debut novel, Bosworth utilizes stylistic elements of childhood "choose your own adventure" stories and applies them to startling effect, with readers able to jump to different points in the text as the main narrative unfolds. Bosworth's nameless everyman protagonist struggles with his love for a woman who has been hurt too many times to trust.%C2%A0He drinks too much and drifts through jobs, but most of this information comes through hints, with Bosworth focusing more on thoughtful, thematic vignettes about subjects including remembrance, love, and destruction.%C2%A0Bosworth repeatedly returns to the idea of putting things down, both in the sense of consuming and internalizing them, and finally letting them go.%C2%A0Readers looking for a straightforward plot won't find it here, but they will appreciate the opportunity to reread the book in new ways.%C2%A0This fantastically innovative novel hints at even greater works to come. (Sept.)