cover image Print, Pattern, Sew

Print, Pattern, Sew

Jen Hewett. Roost, $29.95 (176p) ISBN 978-1-61180-462-1

This alluring how-to guide combines block printing with garment sewing to yield dreamy bohemian scarves, preppy printed aprons, elegant summer dresses, and more. Hewett, a designer in San Francisco who teachers screen printing classes online, divides her book into three sections. In “Print,” she lays out basics of block-printing, which involve a block, carving tools, ink, and fabric. She then moves to graphic prints, detailing repeat patterns (straight, half-drop, and bricked) and creating multicolor prints. At the end of the “Patterns” section is a gorgeous gallery of her designs—from olive branches and sticky monkey flowers to Turkish tulips. All of Jen Siska’s photographs augment Hewett’s teaching, but the pictures are most effective in the “Print” and “Sew” sections. Throughout, Hewett offers tips, troubleshooting, and practical guidelines. Her detailed instructions—right down to describing the sound of gloppy ink—suit the needs of the advanced beginner, who wants to customize scarves, dresses, blouses, and even espadrilles. The projects are ambitious, but Hewett’s gorgeous book will entice many crafters to give them a try. (May)